This is in response to the following quote by Brayton in the 'Optimism' topic:

"However, I must disagree with you concerning SCI rehab facilities. My experiences at Rusk, Kessler, Burke, and especially Mt. Sinai were underwhelming to say the very, very least! Craig was a little better, but not much in regards to physical rehab. At least the leaders of Craig are optimistic and a quite a bit more gung-ho regarding SCI research. However, the students who perform physical therapy are only concerned with getting through the day. I've seen and experienced one young therapist juggle 3 patients in one hour session at Kessler, one patient had had a mild stroke, one had tennis elbow for christ's sake, and the third was a barely functioning quad. Whether chronic or in early stages of SCI, patients deserve far, far better and more one on one care. The group sessions where everyone sits on a mat and lifts 3lb dumbells in unison is embarrising. These kids aren't even satisfactory in regular SCI phys, let alone ready to begin the next phase of so-called SCI regeneration therapy. These are the largest and most known rehab centers in the east coast, let alone U.S., and that is the way the routine goes without exception! It cannot be denied, I've seen it and lived it with my own eyes from close and afar, and moving away from this forum to the reality of the present day in SCI wards, is a cold slap on the face. Their is NO infrastructure whatsoever to expand and change their methods of SCI rehabilitation, nor does anyone, except the desperate patients, to shake up the status quo. I may be wrong about numerous things, but in this case I am confident in saying that I am close to 100% accurate."

Brayton, I totally agree with you about the frustrations of rehab, and I've seen a lot of what you mentioned above (son is a Kessler grad).

The insurance companies have clamped down on rehab; the new Medicare protocols require so much documentation from the therapists that Kessler had to change their outpatient treatment time from 1 hour to 45 minutes, just so they could do the paperwork. My son was there as an outpatient when that all came down, and it was sad to see the dedicated therapists working their butts off with twice as many patients as they could comfortably accommodate.

I believe that even if we have the most dedicated, forward thinking facilities and therapists, they are still strapped in by the demon insurance companies and Medicare/Medicaid.

And that the only answer to allowing the facilities/therapists to do better work is by major insurance reforms.


Hope you don't mind that I used your quote to start this off - what you said just got me thinking about the whole mess, and I didn't want to hijack the other topic.

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