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Thread: I want one of these

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    I just don't want to ride around with a blanket on my lap. Many vintage photos of cripples in wheelchairs showed the lap blanket, do you suppose that the blanket was so people wouldn't have to look at crippled legs, or to keep your legs warm.
    Saw chairs like this being used in Germany in 1972. It was an independent living housing complex.
    Hate the blanket mentality. It seemed it was paraphernalia that went with a wheelchair way back when.

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    Lap blankets like that look so "invalid"!! I work in a VA hospital and we have volunteers who knit or crochet them and then deliver them to the inpatient units. i always cringe when we get a bagful on the SCI unit, and try to get staff to give them to patients to use as bed throws, etc. instead of wearing over their legs in their wheelchairs.


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