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Thread: negativity from doctors about recovery?

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    Hate to say it, but my 35+ years experience with neurologists is that most are socially retarded. Bedside manner is not part of their training. They get their jollies from the "thrill of the hunt" (ie, trying to make the diagnosis) but not in treatment, and most know little or nothing about rehabilitation or disability management. They loose interest in you very quickly once the diagnosis is made.

    When my mother was diagnosed with PPMS at age 53, the neurologist she had at the time told her there was no need to see her any more, and nothing more that could be done for her. Didn't even refer her for PT for the drop foot she had already developed with he dicked around for 12 months making his diagnosis. We fired his butt.

    My apologies to any good neurologists who read this, but that has been my experience.


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    Doctors, mostly are complete dumbasses. Think of it like this.

    A Doctor may or may not have horned his of her way into medical two ways.

    1. They are from a medical family where one parent was a doctor as well and this kid saw the easy money involved and had the mid range intelligence required to go into the field themselves and if you are from a monied family you will have the rescources to go to university, college whatever its a cruise.

    2. You have a massive opinion of yourself because of how good your marks are at school and like the noteriety that might come from being a doctor, so you go into the feild when really you could have studied to be a mechanic and get the same job satisfaction.

    Most doctors should have went into fields where human frailty is not something they have to deal with. You see the posers swishing about the hospitals with their fucking poxy stethoscopes and massive egos and think, why the fuck did that asshole just tell me i have no hope and I should just give up?.

    Doctors, in the end are geeks. pure and simple, inhuman geeks and think of this. The ONLY attraction women have to Doctors is i just blew your minds.

    i once was looked over by this bitch in a white coat at an outpatient facility who should have been deported back to buttfuck thailand or whatever third world shit dump she came from and get back up on the bar and dance pole to keep her dispeptic parents in booze and opium rather that giving me subtle put downs when im in there to get treatment.

    Dr. PING, go suck my fucking dick you two bit queue jumping whore!!
    "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Hate to say it, but my 35+ years experience with neurologists is that most are socially retarded. Bedside manner is not part of their training.(KLD)
    I'm delighted to read that (my sympathies to your mother). Since the Mayo Dxd me, and he just took their word without any further testing, I've wondered if my efforts to get a second opinion was worth my time. Yes, I do have what "appears to be" (the Mayo's words) scolera (sp?) on my spine and I do have spasticity in my legs and left arm...but...I've never had a classic MS attack and the only MS related medication that has any effect on my symptoms is Zanaflex. Baclofen, Gabapentine, steriods, and even Ampyra have had no noticible positive reaction.

    The question is...who do I turn to? What doctor in Des Moines IA will look at ME rather than the textbook?

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    Quote Originally Posted by willingtocope View Post
    The question is...who do I turn to? What doctor in Des Moines IA will look at ME rather than the textbook?
    You might want to check this website for physicians who provide care to people with MS, and who are recommended by them.

    People with PPMS are usually diagnosed in middle-age, and do not have attacks (exacerbations) and remissions, but instead a fairly steady downhill loss of function. The immunomodulating drugs also have no evidence for use in this type of MS, although some neurologists will still prescribe them.


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    Tell ya, I could go toe to toe with any of these twats on a intellectual level and make em look like displays at a museum dedicated to the socially challenged.

    I've lived life hard...but most of all i have lived shrewdly, I've experienced just as much or more than any dickhead with a title, I've lived on the edge so long I make Steve Tyler look like a catholic priest...I am a rolling contradiction and an anathema to what society considers to be a handicapped person should be. Doctors...ppph superannuated mummies boys and that's the women docs too. Give me a week in a hospital pretending to be a doctor every hot nurse will be banged up pregnant, the bins will be full of empty beer cans and not one door will have a handle left on it!

    You will work fucking hard before you get my respect.
    "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.

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    so now u know, dont look towards the dr's for more than what they can provide. you have family and friends for that type of support. your still new to all this. your going to encounter good and bad dr's/therapists/nurses whatever.
    - Rolling Thru Life -

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    lol...its funny i couldnt log in to cure care for a few days, it kept crashing. I thought, thats it ive done it now, theyve kicked my ass out, because of the above rant. Looking at it now its not that bad actually.

    musta been my ipad playing
    "The problem with self improvement is knowing when to quit." "Diamond" David Lee Roth.

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    I had a hard time logging in for the last few days too!

    I found out the original reason for "negativity" from our doctors - she didnt think he was actually moving his left leg. Since the movement isn't huge (he can just move it side to side a little) she thought he was having spasms. She had PT evaluate him and it was determined that he can in fact move his left leg - controlled.

    His PT/OT have been fabulous, I can't say a negative thing about them. His original surgeon at UVA Hospital was incredible as well. We're just getting mixed message and cold feelings from his Dr. at rehab. We have another family meeting this week so I plan on (carefully) bringing my feelings up there. They are looking to discharge him the first week of December so that he can begin outpatient... I hear a lot of gains occur in outpatient so I am keeping my fingers crossed and looking forward to it!

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    Shan- I am glad to hear that he may be coming home soon. It is a strange transition and may be scary for your husband. At inpatient we are around folks like us 24/7 and everything is accessible. But it is far better to be at home. Do your best to find someone who is experienced with SCI for your outpatient. Like smashms said, this is a marathon not a sprint. Set your own goals and have your therapists help you reach them not the other way around. Start small and build from there.
    Rehab doctors are weird. Mine was anyway. "Mmmm, that's interesting" is all I heard from him. Par for the course.

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    smashms, i have to remind myself every day that this recovery is a marathon. It is very encouraging to hear that you are still gaining recovery at 3 years post, I think that's great!

    MFlounlacker, he is definitely nervous about coming home. He has gotten quite comfortable with inpatient. I understand how he feels, but I tell him that he can't stay there forever and he'll have to make the transition sooner or later. I can only imagine how nerve racking it must be! I expect quite a bit of frustration from him for a while at home since things aren't as accessible at home as they are in inpatient..

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