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Thread: Moved one of my toes today

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    Moved one of my toes today

    Two and a half years post injury as a C5/6 quad I moved my right big toe today for the first time on command. I was at therapy where they were giving me an Asia exam and when asked to pull my toes up I was able to move just my big toe! They did not do a full Asia assessment so I am not sure if I'm classified as a B or a C, but either way its great news.
    C5 as of 6-13- 2010

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    It is great news, congratulations.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Yes, indeed, that's excellent news!

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    I love reading posts like this - keep at it and congrats!!!
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    Congrats Wishing you best of all your goals

    Sometimes Life is unpredictable

    I believe in never saying never it keeps me alive
    Sincerely ; GL

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