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Thread: Fast Lithium Power Indoor/off road Powerchair

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    Fast Lithium Power Indoor/off road Powerchair

    Above is my new home built 12.7mph 300 amp lithium powered compact indoor and outdoor/off road powerchair should anyone be interested.

    (Proposed PDF file "brochure" although I dont actually sell anything!)

    If the manufacturers had a clue this is what they would be building!


    And the slower more conventional older one is here:


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    impressive. A couple questions. Weight? Price? Are the batteries standard fare or are they special built and what is their price?
    You will find a guide to preserving shoulder function @

    See my personal webpage @

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    Very nice. I really like your rear light panel and the overall quality look of your outfit.

    I have never driven a powerchair as fast as yours but I would be a little concerned about the front caster stability and how short the chair is. A change of direction at top speed may present a problem. Casters are subject to all kinds of direction problems. Sometimes it can be as slight as the pitch/slope change in the crown of the road, a stretch of deteriorating asphalt or a button hit by mistake. Also I have needed to quickly leave the road to avoid log trucks and such.

    I use a powerchair that needs to be functional both indoors and out. I have both the X-5 and a Omegatrac, which is by far the best indoor/off pavement powerchair I have found. For some the length and the weight may be a problem but it has not for me. A longer, heavier chair enables the user to tackle steeper terrain and make fast direction changes which are critical for outdoor use.

    One thing, by far, that determines the off pavement capability of a powerchair is where the drive wheels are located. Front wheel drive works best and eliminates the many difficulties encountered by leading with front casters.

    I believe your correct about low pressure tires giving a comfortable ride but I do prefer my compressor equipped Omegatrac with the front/rear adjustable air suspension. I can quickly negotiate rocky, dirt and gravel roads with ease.

    Both the X-5 and the Omegatrac are very expensive, so the only people who definitely require almost daily off pavement use should consider them. I am curently looking at the Otto Block C2000.

    I would like to give your chair a drive. I could cover a lot of ground.
    Excellent idea.
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    C 5/6 Comp.
    No Tri's or hand function.

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    Awesome chair, price?
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    ok i need 1 of these !!! anyone wanna buy my permobil trax ? can i get sum more info on it ? ok i do see that you start with a base from a quickie f55 chair .... nice .....
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    100A draw off your car for an hour? Who's going to charge your car back up! Even with the engine running, most vehicles can't sustain that type of power over a long period.

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    This IS what we need . How MUCH?!!

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    i DONT SELL THEM. I build these in my bedroom and am a T4 paraplegic that has tried all the best powerchairs including the X5 and came to the conclusion that I had no choice but to build my own chairs.

    X5 for eg is way too wide, long and it feels like a bus indoors. And its lacking torque, control etc. So not good enough... The chair you saw is under construction to repace this one that I built for myself 2 years ago.

    That one, 4 pages of construction detail is here.

    Just thought you guys may be interested! The new one is way faster and more powerful. As far as charging at 100 amps from a car, well I have been doing that for 10 years, its not difficult. Most cars have 100 or even 150 amp alternators. They charge my chair FAST as I drive from it. See here:

    And a mountain of really good informative stuff here: (Should you be interested!!!)

    I have a technical forum too, where there are others building clones, and similar things. We are about 10 years in front of the real manufacturers!

    Burgerman. Or email me, because I can never remember my password here!

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    >>> 100A draw off your car for an hour? Who's going to charge your car back up! Even with the engine running, most vehicles can't sustain that type of power over a long period.

    The alternator easily catches up. After 5 mins only that 100 amps drops away to around 70 amps. And to about 50 after 10 mins. Most cars alternators hold the systems voltage steady at 14.4v after just a few mins, for the rest of the trip. It doesent even stress them.

    I also use a 20 amp charger on board at times too! And at home. You NEED one of these!!! It tests and graphs your batteries too... And can charge ANYTHING especially powerchairs.

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    In answer to "batteries" they are either 3x Odyssey AGM for its 36v which are not cheap, but vastly better than ANY Gels...

    Or 12 x 3.6v Lithiums CALB cells and 43v which are really not cheap but last 4 times as long and double the range. Which is what I am using.
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