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Thread: Tire size question.

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    Tire size question.

    I'm currently sitting on Schwalbe Marathon (25 x590) mounted on 26" wheels. I have a spare set of 24" wheels laying around, and was wondering if any of you know of an aggressive tire I can place on them so that the outside circumference is very close to what I'm sitting on now. I want to have a more aggressive tread for winter, but hate messing with the wheel-locks every time.

    Come on math wizards.... Suggestions??


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    Choice one but i think they are for 507 not for 540
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    These might work. Measuring from the floor to the center of the axle (radius), they are 12.5” when mounted on standard 24” rims. I don’t have a pair of 26” wheels to check, so measure your own with your Schwalbe Marathons to see how close they will be to your chair’s rear height. Keep in mind that 24" wheels aren't really 24". Nor are 26" wheels 26". The profile of the tire means everything to wheelchair height. is the cheapest place I’ve found. Sportaid has them too (as do others) but they are $39 a pair. These tires are among the very few aggressive tread tires that will fill a 24” wheelchair wheel.
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