Becki 380,
What great news about your daughter's new recovery since surgery in Portugal. Wish her all the very best with rehab and excercise at home. Do you live close to Michigan, where she did her rehab. I assume she was not walking at all and a fulltime wheelchair user before the surgery. What level of injury?? My son Brian, is 22 now, 5, T5 complete, and I am amazed that your daughter is walking with a walker. You have got my attention.Always feel like I am jumping the gun, and looking for anything that would possibly help my son walk though. Want to make sure we make the right decision in finding a therapy, but while we wait, time marches on and he is still in a chair. So frustrating. Sounds like you made the right move in getting her the surgery. I will check out her website.
Glad you posted here with an update on progress.