Health Alert: Triple play for paralysis

(Miami) Nov. 15, 2004 - Neuroscientist Mary Bartlett Bunge has found her passion at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis, and she says recent discovery may have put her on the map, "These are the most exciting findings that I have seen in my laboratory in my 15 years on the Miami Project."

In a three-year study Bunge restored walking ability in paralyzed rats to up to 70 percent normal function, "To see something for the first time is a creative and thrilling experience."

The therapy combines three treatments believed to help paralysis. One of those treatments is Schwann cells. She says, "Schwann cells enable regeneration of neuro-fibers in the peripheral nervous system, that is in your legs and arms."

Cyclic AMP is also used. It's injected into the spinal cord to improve the growth of neuro-fibers. And, the antidepressant Rolipram is us