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    Self Cath

    Hi all
    Hope this post is in the right place, when a catheterize I transfer onto the loo and catheterize. A guy I met the other day told me that he just pops on a silicone tube onto his folly and that “extension” allows him to self cath from his chair. I had a look at it and I think it is a great idea. According to him he just pops it off washes it in antiseptics and changes the tube once a week. He has been doing it this way for a year or so and recons he is fine with UTI’s. Any ideas on this?

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    Yup. I've been doing this for years. You can get pre-made 18-inch tubes, but I get 10 feet of tubing and a box of connectors so I can cut it to whatever custom length I want. I also tend to run over and break the connectors so it's always good to have extras around.

    Urocare White Rubber Drainage Tubing 10-feet

    Urocare Tubing Connectors - 3/8" or 5/16" OD

    I prefer the white tubing instead of the clear as the clear tubing looks really gross on the inside after a while. I don't wash or clean the extension tubes as it doesn't really matter as long as your catheters are clean.

    The connectors come in two different sizes so be sure you get ones that match your tube and your catheters.

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    You can attach either an extension tube to the straight catheter (not a Foley catheter) to reach the toilet, or attach a leg bag to the straight catheter for the purposes of draining the urine. The latter works well when you can't get into a bathroom at all (such as in the back of your van, at a friend's house with an inaccessible bathroom, etc. etc. etc.)

    Both can be simply rinsed after use, then ideally cleaned at home with 10% bleach solution daily.


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    Thanks for the info. I have started doing this and its just so much easier. Such an small thing makes a huge difference. Cant believe i haven't thought of it myself.

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    I've been doing this for a few years, works great. I don't use a connector of any sort, the silicone tubing I have is the perfect diameter to go inside the end of a regular catheter and seal it- never had a leak. I rinse the tube in the sink afterwards, and soak it in 3% bleach when it gets yellow, but nothing else, and no UTI issues. The size is 3/16 ID x 5/16 OD, I get it from Fisher Scientific since I'm ordering stuff from there for my lab anyway, but there are much cheaper places to find it.
    I have tried all kinds of tubing since we have all types @ work, and the platinum-cured silicone is the one I like best- flexible with enough stiffness to go where it needs to and stay where I want it, and tacky enough to seal in the end of the catheter and easy to grab.
    Here is a place that sells it by the foot-

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    At home, I wizz in a urine container, dump it and then rinse it.

    When I'm out and about, I wizz in a bottle and put the cap back on after I'm finished. I then throw the bottle away or put it in a back pack until I can throw it away when I make it home.

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    Seriously, I use an empty plastic water bottle.

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