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Thread: Looking to buy used ultralight/rigid frame chair.

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    Looking to buy used ultralight/rigid frame chair.

    Hi all, as my user name suggests, I have signed up for this board purely for the purpose of purchasing an ultralight/rigid frame chair. Here are the details of what I'm looking for (probably different than most want adds)

    I'm looking for that beat up mess sitting in your garage/closet. I'm looking for a repair project. Missing parts are ok, no back/no wheels/no brakes all O.K. Since it's not for me, sizing is flexible: 16" or 17" wide would probably be ideal though.

    After repaired, the chair will be resold or donated, depending on what I've got into it. My budget is pretty limited, but I'm interested to see if I can repair something like this. I repair bikes, golf clubs and other things as a hobby.

    So, if you've got something that fits into this category, send me a message. You might free up some space and go out for a nice dinner and drinks on me. Pictures are worth a thousand words, since I have done some research but am by no means an expert on models, terminology etc.



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    Check my Eagle Sportschair on Equipment and Services Forum.

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    Thanks ancient, I just took a look and I'm thinking it over. I'd like to see if anyone has something else to offer. Thanks for replying to my thread though!

    If anyone is in ny/ct/nj stay safe!

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