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Thread: snot buggers nasal fluid

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    Question snot buggers nasal fluid

    Seriously. Where the heck does it form at? I have been tagged with flu like symptoms these past 2 nights. Called the hospital's care line to ensure it wasn't meningitis. Have not had the flu shot in awhile and haven't felt this crappy in years as the result of a flu. Typically it's a bit shabby but always jump on the pony right away and remedy it w/ hot green tea massive water vitamins and cranaid. Haven't really slept those past nights but don't feel exhausted or enormously fatigued. Been blowing snot for two days non-stop, on the real. Like every ten minuets, wish I was buggered this much w/ pressure relives!

    So for the 5 W's regarding nasal fluids!?!

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    Possibly allergies?

    All the best,

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    GJ! Real men dont have/get allergies. TY. Im keeping my man card.

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    If you say so...but when you can get a little help from the suffering if it is allergies, then.....

    All the best,

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    Heh,heh,heh! TY.

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