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Thread: Can anybody help me ID this machine

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    Can anybody help me ID this machine

    I was wondering if anybody knows if this is something commercially available and if so who makes it? Also, if anybody knows somewhere to get some type of resistance ram to build something like that. If you don't know about this particular machine are there any similar that can be used while in a chair preferably not like the sci fit machines that move the legs but something more like the vita glide or this. This one was pictured on a va sight and from the sound of the article I would not be surprised if it was a custom build. There is not much out there and it seams like the vita glide has been discontinued.
    Thanks for the help

    Sorry couldn't attach the pic it is the one in the Blogging about a physical therapy success story on this page.

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    Why not contact Dr. Thanassi and ask:

    ETA: check out the supplier here:

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    Thanks, that's the one. It says it uses the users weight as resistance, how do you guys think that would be vs. A push pull resistance like the cross trainers. Again thanks for the sight had not came across that one before.

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