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Thread: For sale: Custom Eagle Sportschair Everyday

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    For sale: Custom Eagle Sportschair Everyday

    Black; 17" seat tapering to 15" at front (13 1/2" inside tubes); 18" seat depth; down tubes tapered to footrests, 10 1/2" between downtubes at footrest; seat to floor 18" front, 16" rear; smaller wheels Rhyno Lite Sun rims with high flange 24 X 1.95 knobby tires; 5" soft roll 1.5" wide front casters; non-adjustable, non-folding back set at 16"; velcro adjustable back material, string adjustable seat; non-adjustable COG set at 2"-2 1/2" from front of back post; large 7 1/2" deep, 8 1/2" wide plastic footrest with non-slip pads; brackets welded to downtubes for calf strap, 2nd set of brackets welded just below front of seat to attach seat pouch; vinyl coated pushrims; chair has brackets for Invacare removable side panels but panels not included.

    SALE PRICE: $150, Buyer pays all shipping.

    Good 2nd chair, wider front casters and knobby tires makes it a good winter chair.
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    Continued....Eagle Custom for sale

    Two more photos.......

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    Good chair, may cost more to ship as back does not fold.

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    Bump, if this chair would fit you it's a bargain price. Trying to cut wheelchair inventory in garage, besides our primary chairs we are currently sheltering 2 handcycles and 9 other chairs.

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    Bump, knobby tires and wider than normal front casters make this a good snow chair.

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