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Thread: Quadriplegic man travels to China for stem cell research

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    Quadriplegic man travels to China for stem cell research

    Quadriplegic man travels to China for stem cell research

    By Kevin Otzenberger
    Times-News correspondent
    BLISS -- A 31-year-old Bliss man will travel to China in January to undergo an experimental treatment that might help him move the fingers that haven't moved since an accident 14 years ago.

    Pruett was 17 when he broke his neck and severed his spinal cord in a car accident, leaving him a quadriplegic confined to a wheelchair. Today, he will be the first person from Idaho and one of the first Americans to travel to Beijing, China, to take part in a stem cell research project.

    "The good thing about living in a small community is the support you get from everybody," Pruett said Thursday. "I haven't gotten any hate mail yet."

    In fact, his family and friends are sponsoring a benefit Saturday to help fund the trip to Beijing.

    "Chris didn't give up on us, and we're not giving up on him," said Pruett's father Jimmy.

    After the accident, Pruett finished his senior year at Bliss High School and went on to earn a degree in business from Boise State University. He now works as a broker for Clearwater Mortgage and despite his inability to walk and having just minimal function of his hands, still spends his weekends fishing, hunting, tubing down the Snake River, even skydiving.

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    Dr. Haung does not use stem cells or OET ? cells!!!

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    is this guy a member here by any chance? I've seen someone else w/ the screen name "Pruett" & I always wondered who it was...

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    For some reason I don't think the press can handle more than one type of cell. The massive hype surrounding stem cells means that every cell type gets reported as "stem cells."

    OTOH, Dr. Huang's OEG are fetal cells. Meaning they would be hard to use in this country.

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    Yes, I am a member here. I didn't know the article would make it on here so soon. This will be my first international trip, so any travel tips are more than welcome. If anybody is interested my MRI'S are posted here.

    I wanted them to mention this site in the article. Everybody I've chatted with has been great, and the info is the tops.

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    I just had to post. My hometown of 280 people had a fundraiser for me tonight. It was a Basque Dinner and auction. They raised half the money for my trip. I am darn proud to be from Bliss Idaho, and just want to thank everybody. There are good people everywhere, and I am thankful for them.

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    Hi Chris, Thanks for posting. A good thing i found about my fundraisers was the opportunity to educate. Keep us posted. What's your level? complete or not? I have a couple friends there drop me a note if u think i can help.

    "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you."
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    rock on Chris... wow, that was a pretty successful fundraiser for one night in a small town!

    please keep us posted

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    Hi Pruett, good luck!

    There are quite a few travel tips posted in this topic.

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    Hello all, thanks for the support. I thought I would post a bit about myself. I'm a c6/7 quad. 14 years post injury. I'm 31 now. I'm as complete as they get. I can wiggle my thump and pointerfinger on my left hand very little. Any grip I have is from wrist flexion. I have absolutely no sensation below the injury level. My left is much more dominant. I have a left pectoral, but my right is just rib bones. I can do over my head reps of 15 with a 25 lb dum-bell on my left with the tricep doing the work, on my right it is mainly my shoulder doing the work.
    In addition to SCI, I was diagnosed with type I diabetes 3 years ago. 4 shot's a day, and I take very good care of it. Well, that's me. I'll try to keep everyone posted.

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