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Thread: Concentrating and irritability

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    You may have ADD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by faith9778 View Post
    I cannot concentrate on anything when I'm reading, studying, meeting with my mentor or listening to sermons. I hate when someone asks me what the sermon was about if there were helping with something else and didn't get to hear it. It is seriously like my mind shuts off completely and I don't know a single thing that has been said. What can I do about this to help this. This isn't a new problem but it seems like it gets worse as time goes on. It's like my brain does not absorb or retain any information at all. I also hate when I cannot find the right words to use when talking to someone on the spur of the moment. That's why I like writing as communication. I'm also not taking any medication for anything so that isn't what is causing this.

    I have taken all of these college classes and do not recall hardly anything from any of them. I'm seriously thinking about not going back next semester because there is no point in it if I'm not learning anything.

    I've also been very irritability lately and let a lot of things bother me that I normally won't and don't have any idea why I have been like this. Anyone else experience unusual irritability?
    You did not mention your age, but reading this is worth the time.

    And the antidote is

    I used this product for my mother whose memory was shot. Her mind came back to life for a few extra years. Have also used this product myself without side effects. And no, neither of us had brain scans or brain tissue samples extracted. The person my not notice additional memory improvements, but your family surely will notice improvements.

    Another product to look at is calcium disodium EDTA when taken a bedtime will help remove the plaque from the arteries of the brain and elsewhere in the body. You can Google any of these issues and products to find out more.

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    I've found practising meditation regularly helps me to concentrate better.

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    Do you take anytime for yourself, elite to meditate, read something fun, do something for you? You are busy doing things for school, and others, but wonder if you have enough "me" time? Give your mind permission to wander.

    I do think that talking to your PCP is a good idea. Even a "little" anxiety can cause problems! Have you had any lab studies done recently? Might not be a bad idea.


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    Never mind. I don't need advice here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by faith9778 View Post
    No, I don't have a lot of me time lately. I used to enjoy reading for fun, but now I don't have time with all the required reading. I just think my brain is overworked at times. My mind is always racing. I'll see what my PCP can do for me. I had a CBC done when I had surgery a few weeks ago, but I wasn't told anything was unusual from that. I may ask to have some complete lab work done next time I see my doctor though. I wish I would have had a thorough checkup with the Spina Bifida specialist I saw a few months ago. But he just asked me a few questions and told me to come back in a couple years and to contact him if I have any problems before then.

    good idea.
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