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Thread: Races not allowing hand cranks?

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    Both the Seattle Marathon ( and the Portland (OR) Marathon ( welcome handcyclists. In fact, the race director for the Portland Marathon told me to spread the word for next year. We had a pretty good size of hc's this year but would like a bigger field next year. It's a fun but relatively challenging course, so mark your calendar for Oct 6, 2013. Here is a link on the Portland Marathon's pushrim/hc event:

    The Seattle Marathon has a pushrim division and a separate hc division

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    Dying in the sense of fewer racers ... maybe ...

    But they are two different things. It's the same as running and biking in AB sports. Different physical requirements. Different body types. Different appeals. Some folks do triathlons because they like both.

    PS - paratri is growing super fast right now including handcrank, pushrim, and swim ... and is super cool. When I grow up I want to be a paratri racer.
    [swimcrankpush] is my idol!!

    But regarding pushrim racing ... among the younger, more muscular racers it seems to still be pretty popular.

    It makes sense for folks to limit long-term shoulder damage by transitioning to something lower impact as they age.

    Quote Originally Posted by fuentejps View Post
    pushrim is a dying sport do to the stress on the shoulders many old school guys have converted to hc, i see them alot. you see about 2-3 pushrim in marathons now. except boston and new york.
    then theres the fact that by not allowing hc in events you are discriminating against high quads who can use hc's competitively but not pushrim, myself included.
    now with the bike-on quad elite force r's and more higher quads racing this is even more important.

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    Handcycling is more popular because of the availability. A properly fit race chair is custom made to the user. A handcycle can be adjusted to fit anyone. Rehab hospitals, Non Profits, Adaptive Sports programs...etc can support a handcycling program much easier than a racing wheelchair program since they can buy several handcycles and adjust them to fit whoever shows up. More people are introduced to handcycling this way, and never even try a racer.

    I see it all the time, someone will ask about getting into wheelchair racing, and the first thing thst comes out of other disabled people's mouth is have you tried should it's much easier on your shoulders blah blah blah, then the person never tries racing chairs.

    I do both, If I had to choose between the two, I would scrap my handcycle. I just love pushing my racer.

    Wheelchair racing is still very popular look at Boston, NY, Gasparilla, Peachtree, Cedartown, Falmouth...etc There are still a lot of guys racing chairs some are young some are older, very few crying about their shoulders.

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    there are still some. i just see very few. more power to them. but imo hc/pr should both be allowed in all events. as stated above "then theres the fact that by not allowing hc in events you are discriminating against high quads who can use hc's competitively but not pushrim, myself included.
    now with the bike-on quad elite force r's and more higher quads racing this is even more important." THIS IS A BIGGIE IN MY EYES!

    we are athletes AND advocates in my eyes. not enough ppl fight for their rights to race. im involved with 4 large marathons, if i was not involved, they may not have either div. we[all gimp athletes] should fight to have both.

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    Thanks for the tips and discussion guys!

    It's literally a 7 mile straight shot on a bridge. No intersection crossings, no sidewalk crossings, no re-crossings of the race path, and the bridge is completely shut down to traffic so none of those things are issues.

    All I've gotten from the organizer is one-line "We don't allow hand cranks" but I'll keep on him and if I ever get them to crack I hope some of you can join me in the race one day. Fortunately the Disney half marathon and full marathon down here allow HCs so I'm looking forward to those in a little over a month.

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    Hey Nickel,
    the Miami ING marathon is january 27th and allows hc, Ft Lauderdale A1A marathon is Feb. 17th also allows hc. the FAU Stand among friends emb(race) is Feb. 24th also allows hc. and its already happened but the West Palm Beach marathon allowed hc too. there is lots of ones to take part in if your interested...... but deff. keep pushing on the organizers to allow hc for yourself and future athletes
    ...... the big 3 marathons i mentioned do 5k 10k and 1/2 marathons as well all allowing hc.

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    I just got a email about the Ft Lauderdale/A1A marathon, they allow handcycles. Chicago does not

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    Just found out that Albany, Ga has one also that allows HC. It is March 2nd. I called the chamber of commerce just to double-check what the websire said and she practically begged me to come race in it. They have had the race for several yrs with only a few HC's racing in it...and they are trying to attract more of us. I was thinking of doing it since I am so close, but I haven't been trainning since I participated in the MCM last Oct so don't know if I am up for it. Sounds like they would love some racers to show up (I do not consider myself a "racer")

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