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Thread: footrest question

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    Good job on the footrest and the curb!
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    Good, glad you were able to adjust your own chair and you were able to keep the crossmember footrest at the same time.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    It takes no small amount of courage to jump your first curb. That and being able to adjust your chair gives you what we're all working for, more independence! Very cool :-)

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    Would you guys happen to know what kind of hex wrench you use to change COG? I've tried the set I have, it's a standard (American) hex wrench set, somebody at lowes had shown me, but it won't fit some of the screws in the backrest and camber tube. Does it take a metric hex? Thanks! PS: is there any easy way to change casters? Like a quick release for casters or something?
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    Aren't they alleen screws?
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    Allen screws are turned by hex wrenches. For some reason I tend to call the hexes. :P I finally got my second hex wrench set....mine was metric, come to find out, and I needed a standard. Oh well...same ole same ole, I'm going to get on my chair pretty quick and see what I can do with the COG, RSH, back angle, etc, etc.

    PS: Chas, can you foot propel with your flip-up footrest? And did yoru chair need a special rigidizer bar, or no?
    Tourette's Syndrome - motor tics of the legs, feet and back, which can make it difficult or impossible to walk

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    His flip up doesn't require an additional rigidizer because there is still a bar that goes across for rigidity, not the same as other types of flip ups. Brianm has the same type of tilite flip up and posted pictures of his chair recently if that's easier to find.
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    Thanks Lin! I was looking at Chas', photos earlier, it sounds like it might work.
    Tourette's Syndrome - motor tics of the legs, feet and back, which can make it difficult or impossible to walk

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