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Thread: Bladder Augmentation worries

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    the intent of the mitro is to allow ppl to self cath. recovery varies between ppl but after my 2week stay in the hospital, i was doing things on my own again (cathing, bathing, bowels, dressing etc) they had pt come but it wasnt really much they could do for me.
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    I just had bladder augmentation and mitrofanoff done on March 5th. I had bowel prep no NG tube. Two days after surgery I was up in my chair doing my normal routine. I had very good pain meds so I wasn't really in too much pain. I was in the hospital for a week total. Two of those days though just consisted of bowel prep. I did have diarrhea still when I left but I started taking a probiotic (Align) and it worked like a charm. So far it's been a little over a month... I'm still having to cath quite frequently because it takes 6-12 months for the new bladder to stretch to its full capacity. I also may have to have Botox injections until then because for some reason I still leak once or twice a day. The mitrofanoff is AMAZING! Seriously I don't know why any female crip wouldn't want to have one. Cathing is so much easier now wish I would have gotten this done sooner.

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    My dr wants to do this on me. Where you having a lot of bladder infections before? I have had a infection on and off for 6 mths. I constantly hurt or feel completey tired and non functioning. I have to cath sometimes every hr. I am scared to do it.

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    do u have a lot of bladder infections now? Did you have a lot before you had the augmentation?

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    It takes many months to get the bladder large enough and continuation of the anticholinergic meds or Myrbetriq usually continues or is atleast weaned off. some have such an overactive bladder that botox is needed so the bladder can have a good capacity.

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    I had the surgery in 2009. Before the surgery I had an sp tube and wore a bag. I have never had infections. Not before or after the surgery. I drink a ton of water. Even after 5 yrs though I still take ditropan daily. My bladder easily holds up to 800cc, but I cath every 4 hrs routinely and get about 500cc. This surgery was the best thing I could have had. Made me feel almost able bodied.

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    Post op if rough for the first week especially then gets better as tubes are reduced and can eat regularly etc.. but as you can see a great success above- and all say worth it! But normal capacity is 350mls to 500 mls and happy if we can achieve that.! The post op course is a slow process and you have to do cath every two hours, then 3 hours up to 6 weeks or two months because they want the bladder stitches to heal and not overstretch. And no you shouldn't use
    indwelling in because it may damage the valve & then won't work right if you do this and then you might leak! So after tubes removed, we do q 2 hours IC for about a week, then q 3 hours for about another week or two then every 4 hours. Some are able after time to cath every 6 hours and 8 hours at night. Should cath at least 3-4 times a day.You must have a caregiver who can help you with getting the cath stuff, irrigation frequent to keep that bladder draining, helping you with transfers- no bending, lifting for the first 6 weeks just like ALL major abdominal surgery.
    We were part of a research study for the "cloned" growing bladder cells. I think one hospital does this all the time.
    We had super high hopes for this- would still be major bladder surgery putting that "cloned" bladder in but you wouldn't have the intestinal issues and the need to irrigate so much when the bowel is used because of the mucous. However, the "cloned" bladder was put in and pt did great but then it had a leak so went back and did the traditional bladder augmentation where they remove several inches of intestine and sew on top of the bladder and put stoma so IC is easier.
    But research still being done.
    Botox approved now for all and new medication- Myrbetriq available for the overactive bladder.
    But for some this is the best way for that Overactive bladder that doesn't hold much, has high pressure(unsafe for kidneys) and leak all the time.
    And those with severe AD!

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