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Thread: Titanium chair

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    Titanium chair

    I am thinking about getting a Titanium chair but i do have a few questions that maybe someone could help me with. If i get the shinny tit will it stay shinny or will it become dull over time. Also does it show scratches very bad?

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    I have a Tilite TR1 that I was in for 11 years and it had the polish finish. It still looks good to this day and scratches are pretty much invisible. I got some wheel polish from a local auto parts store and would go over my chair ever few years to keep it looking good.

    Here's a link to a thread with pics of my TR1
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    They look good for a long time.
    The only suggestion I have for you is...
    If/when someone else loads it the back of a pickup truck, and they tell you your ready to go.. check it first!
    They may not have put the tail gait up.
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    ouch ..... i bet you were sick over that......Thanks for the pics i want something that will last a long time and look good so i think that this is the way to go.

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    Been in a chair 19 years, I have only had titanium chairs. A Quickie HP2 (didn't have much choice in 1993 as far as researching Internet n such), that chair was a tank. A TiSport X, a step up but still a folder. Then a TiLite TX , nice chair but still a folder (liked folders for portability in cars). And now a TiLite ZRA2, never going back to a folder, I can tell you that much. A also have a used TiSport TR I bought from someone on this forum to use as a hunting chair.

    As far as titanium goes for me it has been how durable the finish has been. Scratches do not show, I never worry about the damn thing which is nice sine we have so much other stuff to worry about. Cleans quick with a scotch brite pad.

    And I think my attraction to titanium started when I say my roommates aluminum frame and it was always chipped up and struck me as non-durable. And the roots of that probably follow me from my attraction to wood, I love when it is stained and varnished to see the beauty of the grain, anytime I see would painted (when it doesnt have to be) it drives me nuts. Off topic....

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