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Thread: Help! Ucla, cedar Sinai, ranching las amigos

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    Help! Ucla, cedar Sinai, ranching las amigos

    Our family was vacationing in calif. we were out on a boat and my husband had a ad reaction Because of his bowels. He could not get into the bathroom and wound up having a stoke on the boat after we dragged him into the bathroom.
    We are at hoag hospital in Newport. This happened Friday morning. He has had ad reactions intermittently and it has been treated with hypertensive meds and fentanyl for the headaches.
    Since 2 am it has gotten worse and he is not responding to the medicatins because he now has a uti. This hospital does not know how to treat sci or ad. I need him transferred does anyone know which facility would be best?

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    Rancho las amigos

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    I looked at threads you have written in the past. Your husband is a T-4 complete injury, post 4 years. Now he has had a stroke and you are looking for the best rehab facility in the Los Angeles area.

    University of California at Los Angeles and Cedars-Sinai have excellent programs, but probably the best choice of the three is Rancho Los Amigos in Downey. Rancho is a National Rehabilitation Center, accredited by the Joint Commission (an independent, non-profit organization) and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). It has been ranked as a top Rehab Hospital by US News and World Report for 23 consecutive years. I have known several people with spinal cord injuries who had rehabilitation at Rancho and over the years have only had good things to say about their programs.

    Please let us hear from you about your husband's progress.

    All the best to both of you,

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    For rehab in the LA area, I would recommend the following:
    • Rancho Los Amigos (Downey)
    • Casa Colina Rehabilitation Center (Pomona)
    • St. Jude (Fullerton)
    • UC Irvine Medical Center (Irvine)
    If he needs acute care prior to rehab, then I would recommend UCI, since it is a trauma center, and the director of the SCI rehab program has a SCI herself, and can provide consultation about SCI needs to the ICU or med-surg team. Her name is Suzy Kim, MD.

    Hoag is a good hospital, and a trauma center. I would recommend you talk to the clinical nurse specialist and tell them he is not getting his SCI needs met. This person should help to find resources and assure that care is being provided appropriately.


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