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Thread: Kindred Hospital Long Term Acute Care -San Diego

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    Kindred Hospital Long Term Acute Care -San Diego

    Has anybody ever been treated here? Their rep told me they have spinal cord injury doctors and lots of SCI patients.

    What was your experience?

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    No, that is not true. They have little or no experience with SCI. I would not recommend it for someone with SCI. If you must go to an LTAC, then the one across the street from Mercy (Vibra) is the better of the two.


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    My experience with Kindred Hospital was just awful! Beware of the Clinical Liason who visits you with her fancy brochure of the hospital. It's just a fancy name for a commission based hospital sales position whose job is to fill up the beds of Kindred. Like a used car salesman, she told me anything I wanted to hear - almost all false. I.e., There was a 3:1 patient ratio when, in fact, it was 12:1, mostly very complicated medical patients that need lots of care.

    I found out I wasn't even a candidate to go there, but her claim of being "creative" was successful in admitting me as a cardiology patient. My only issue was that my other hospital doctors were uncomfortable with my autonomic dysreflexia and felt my blood pressure should be monitored.

    Ms. Creative Liason told me she was an expert about AD having worked in an acute care rehab. NOT!

    She put me in ICU with about 10 other almost comotose patients with a cacophony of monitor alarms going off all night. No A/C so very warm and a hotbed for hospital based infections. My bed was up against the Emergency exit door, so no escape in an emergency.

    Why was I put in ICU? The doctors couldn't even figure out why I was at Kindred. Only because she could make a bill Medicare for even more and get a better commission.

    From the moment I arrived at Kindred, I stated I wanted to refuse services and go home; but if I went AMA (against medical advice), I wouldn't be properly discharged and coulfn't get medical transport back home. I didn't have anybody to pick me up, so I waited for two days to get a doctor to show up to discharge me.

    I did get moved out of ICU, but for being there to get monitored, my vitals were taken only twice that day. Staff had no time. I was left without a call button and soaked in urine for hours. When I asked a couple of staff members in my room to help me change my gown, they joked about who was going to clean me up, left and never returned.

    I was misidentified as a patient to receive X-rays, and was told I had taken my controlled substance medication, when I hadn't, because it was lost.

    A patient next door was screaming about a mouse in her room; another was going AMA.

    I felt so unsafe here and exposed to hospital based infection. I was never so happy to leave a place behind.

    I should have never even been there. Where do I make a complaint To Medicare?

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    You can file a complaint with Medicare, but I would also strongly encourage you to file complaints with both the California Department of Health, and with The Joint Commission, since both must accredit this facility and will follow through on complaints.

    Medicare complaints:

    CA Dept. of Health:

    The Joint Commission:

    I would also urge you to address this through Kindred's own Risk Managment dept., and the patient advocate department of the acute care hospital discharge planner or social worker who sent you to Kindred.


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