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Thread: Paraplegic Survives 3 Days Stranded in NM Desert

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    Scary stuff. That's why it's always a good idea to share

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    The Navajo reservation is supposed to be "DRY" = No Alcohol is to be sold. Alcoholism and the associated violence are epidemic on the reservations in the SouthWest. Drug gangs are recruiting the unemployed indians especially the young ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roc21 View Post
    WOW...Thats crazy....The kicker in the whole story is the people THAT SAW HIM and beeped and kept going!!..... You see a guy lying on the roadside in the desert and dont stop???
    I (think) its common to see people laying on the side of the road in those parts. The people driving by probably thought he was drunk. And the passer-bys didn't see the wheelchair cuz the couple threw him out without his chair. This guy was lucky it wasn't winter.
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    I've driven passed more vehicles and bloodied people on the side of the road than I can count.

    In some areas, if you'd stop, you'd be the one left on the side of the road bloodied.

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    drive through detroit and see what you will see

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    Oh. This is that road thru Gallup!

    A long-forgotten memory. A Saturday night, driving thru Gallup, Christmas Eve maybe, 1978?

    Road full of drunk Indians. (I deduced.) I did not stop.

    I had totally forgotten I bailed on KS Christmas break, freshman year college. Sorry, Mom. I had $200 and wanted to see big brother!

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