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Thread: several pain locations

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    several pain locations

    hello everyone... i am a t-10 complete asia A.. fairley new to the sci community post injury bout six months ago.. first time using this forum.... i am having sharp burning sensations at the weist and belly. took a uti test and came back clean. any idea what it could be? and iv been told the way they deterimine what catagorie you fall in the asia test is by the the rectum... i have a lot of pressure, tingling, and burning sensations in that area. any advice what it could be and what can i do for the pain thanx.

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    What does your neurologist say? It is very common for people with spinal cord injuries to have have burning sensations below their injury site. Many people have this and there are a variety of drugs prescribed for it. Some examples are Neurontin(gabapentin) , Lyrica, or even opiates. It is important that you work with your doctor to determine if your pain is simply neuropathic pain or caused by something more serious.

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    This may sound strange, and please help.

    I have found that I burn severely when I have to go potty. When it comes down to my intestine to my colon it sits there right where the tail bone is and it must have a lot of nerve endings there because it makes all my joints up and down arms and neck go nuts! The pain patch I am taking is making me constipated so much that It is interfering with my life so I want to get off of it.

    I have been on fentanyl patch 75mcgs for 4 years and roxicodone 15mg for 8 years I just cut my patches in half on Thursday (4 days ago) and I think it was a mistake!!?? I am in ex stream right now I want to scream. It's not nerve pain but even my legs hurt and they never have. Do you think this is just ex stream because It's withdrawals? or what any advise would be greatly appreciated! This is HELL!
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