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Thread: Any grants for building a home?

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    Any grants for building a home?

    Does anyone know of any grants that are available for building a home with modifications for disabilities? It seems like there are funding sources for modifying an existing home, but none for building a home. I'm renting, so I have to buy a place anyway, so it just seems smarter to have a home built to meet our needs rather than buying a place and modifying it to make it somewhat usable.

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    If you are eligible, Habitat for Humanity will build an accessible home in a project it is already planning.

    Veterans with service connected disabilities are eligible for a VA grant for either modifying or building an accessible home.

    It helps if you are in a state that waives property taxes for homeowners with a major disability.

    There may be small local programs available in your area. Check with your ILC. They should know the resources.

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    I did mine thru the Self Help Program. It was really great. It worked out great for me because I draw their plans for them now. It was really their 1st accessiable home they built. The guy over the project learend a lot about what is needed for accessible housing. Since my house in 2008 they have built 4 or 5 accessible wheel chair homes since then... Check your local Housing Authority.... It thru the USDA...

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