Statement on Christopher Reeve from Society for Neuroscience President Anne Young.

The Society for Neuroscience sends its most sincere condolences to the family of Christopher Reeve, a tireless advocate for spinal cord and stem cell research and true friend of neuroscience.

Scientists and advocacy groups alike are very grateful to him for his important role as a leading proponent of medical research for the treatment of paralysis caused by spinal cord injury, which affects 250,000 Americans at costs of billions of dollars annually. Reeve was a powerful voice for the disabled and a major supporter of stem cell research.

Mr. Reeve spoke at a 1999 Society-sponsored symposium commemorating the Decade of the Brain and was awarded the Society's special achievement award. He received the award for "his tireless efforts, which have done more to raise public awareness of spinal cord injury and promote research funding toward a cure than virtually any other individual or organization." Mr. Reeve participated in the Society's 2000 presidential symposium on spinal cord repair research.

We at the Society for Neuroscience are confident that while Mr. Reeve was unable to realize his dream of being able to walk again, he has paved the way for this to become a reality in the years ahead for thousands of paralysis victims.