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Thread: Awesome new handcycle quad grips

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    Awesome new handcycle quad grips

    Hey all, who are quad handcyclists .
    I am an ex Paralympic wheelchair racer and now handcyclist and have been testing out some new prototype handcycle quad grips developed by the guys at the handcycle store I wanted to put the word out because I have been fumbling for years trying to find the grips that work, are safe, and don’t tear your hands and wrist up. I have used tri pins, leather cuffs, quicke quad cuffs over the years and each have their strengths and weaknesses. If you have moderate to normal wrist flexor strength > c6/7 these new grips are awesome. You need no finger function at all. My hands are completely open when using them and I am able to get a nice pull back through biceps and wrist flexion. They are a modified ergonomic grip with a racing horn that support the hand really well and the rubber is super tacky. Any way check out the pictures and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.



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    Are they selling them yet? I don't see them on their website.

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    Yes I believe so, they are not posted yet. The store # is 1-888-424-5366 and Scott Pellett knows all of the details. I think they are calling them the ergo quad loops


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    very cool are they sold as singles?

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    THey look very similar to the ergo grips Bike-on sold. The powerplate on the bottom is really effective for the down stroke. Once you feel the difference in power with a powerplate grip, you'll never go back. They take most of the pressure off between the thumbs.

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    Still like the grips?

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