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Thread: Institute of Regenerative Medicine

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    Institute of Regenerative Medicine

    Where can i get information about the The Institute of Regenerative Medicine which is going to be set up in california?

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    Google Proposition 71 and you will find a wealth of information, including their official website.

    It is a well written and closely planned bill.
    I believe this proposition is solid. Stem cell research also has bipartisan support from both the senate and house. Any threats to the implementation of this bill are in for a difficult fight. Even if that fight occurs, public debate on this issue will enlighten many who have been mislead.


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    awesome thanks mr.smith i will look into it. really i believe this is the best thing that has happened for our community. it passed by a landslide here in cali, which is a herald on many levels, but mainly the desire for california to be the leader in progressive stem cell research. I am sure a lot of bio-med companies will be the benefit, which in turn is the herald of capitalism. I will check out the google search. Did you know that the Oxford Dictionary is considering including the verb 'google' into their next ed. of their dictionary? Perhaps they will alter the definitions of 'spine injury, 'ALS', 'Altimers', 'Cancer', etc. to read 'noun. Diseases of the past. Once thought incurable'.

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    I just posted some comments on the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine in this topic in the Political Forum. It summarizes some of the criticisms of the initiative and my answers to them. Wise.

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