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Thread: flap surgery vs skin healing on it's own

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    flap surgery vs skin healing on it's own

    I've battled a skin wound for a year now. Started healing it in January and it finally opened just right for me early July to be able to heal it in 6 weeks. Looked really good since mid August. Could hardly see where the wound had been.

    It's located over left ischial.

    Well it opened again during a weekend, car trip... that I used to be fine with but obviously not now.

    I had a failed flap surgery 17 years ago and DO NOT TRUST drs, surgeons nurses...

    been screwed one too many times.


    I'm 99% set on healing it again myself. I know it's only able to heal to 80%, and takes a good year to mesh. I'm so tired of just existing. This is no life.

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    We decided to do the heal on our own route...since we could not figure out how creating a new wound to fix another one is a good thing. Our doctor said the skin would be stronger if healed on its own too...not sure if that is true...but that is what we were told.
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    thx.. that's what i'm thinking.

    back to sq 1...

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    Healed skin is a little tougher, but it depends on the condition of the wound. Ashleigh gave you good advice. I would add that you need to increase your fluid intake, calories and protein.
    I can not emphasize how important it is to stay OFF the area, and to gradually build your sitting tolerance once you are healed.


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