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Thread: botox legs ?

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    botox legs ?

    I have the worst spasms. The things drive me up the wall and make me sick. My doctor suggest the baclofen pump & then he said considering how active I am that this option might not be a good idea. Then a sentence later he says your on to much medicine for them your killing your liver, asshole. anyways i was wondering if anyone has ever had botox in there legs to treat spasms he said this was another option. BTW I have an e stem bike, stretch, standing frame all of the above and nothing seems to help.

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    If you have maxed out on your oral medications for spasticity management a botox injection, if you appropriate for it, would be the next choice. I consider a baclofen pump to be last on the list to consider, trying other treatment options less invasive before considering a pump.


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    I take all of the medicine possible for the damn things zanaflex, dantrium, baclofen, requip, so yeah the next thing I want to try is the botox I just wanted to see if anyone else has tried this

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    Ryan tried it after he figured out that increased baclofen did not provide increased relief. He suffers from clonis (sp) more than traditional spasms. The botos did not help much. Everyone is different. It may be more effective for you. It is for many people.

    Now that he is using his legs more, the clonis is better but still intense when he is tired.

    I agree that the pump should be a past resort kind of thing. A pump is wonderful for some and a nightmare for others. There is no hard and fast rule-like just about everything else about SCI.--eak
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    Botox works very well for some, not as well for others. The effect is not permanent, so the injections do have to be repeated. However, that can be a good news, bad news type of thing. For those whom it doesn't work well for, it means that once the medicine has worn off, youbdon't get it again.

    I would look for a good rehab doctor. They are often skilled at injecting Botox. Find out if and when and how many injections they have done.

    I, too agree that while the pump has it's place, it should be last resort.


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    I've had Botox injections in my legs, but they only worked for a short time. For some reason, I guess my body metabolizes the Botox quickly. To me the shots were very painful and it only lasted a few months. Then I did go to the Baclofen pump and at first I had problems with the regulation of Baclofen. After that it worked out and things have been pretty ok. It's a pain to go fill the pump up every 5 wks, for me, but oh well. I'm glad I got the pump in the long run.

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