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Thread: update on awareness bracelets

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    Originally posted by Meg:

    I can't wait, I can't wait! Do you have pre-orders for more than 15,000 already?
    Not yet, but we're in the thousands already. Susan has some big connections (hospitals, other foundations, etc) that will likely be receiving large quantities... I know she's expecting these to move pretty quickly.

    Thank YOU, Meg.

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    Scott and Susan,

    Thank you so much for the great work!

    My younger son, Roderick, has placed an order of 1,000 bracelets to be distributed at schools at HK$10 each.


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    check PT.

    These bracelets are going to *fly*, literally.

    Gods speed~



    Check PT


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    I too run a foundation we created last year after my brother Dennis was hurt. I pre-ordered "only" 50 bracelets but will order several hundred more to give out during our second annual benefit - this foundation is to help Dennis with expenses and to donate for research.

    I hope to place my second order in the next week or so....

    Can't wait to see many people in a ring of sky blue!!

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