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Thread: 20lb everyday suspension chair

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    20 lbs total weight for a suspension chair is fairly light IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cyfskid View Post
    nice but to heavy
    Really? I doubt your chair is that light including back and wheels.

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    Beautiful job! I guess some folks would prefer an inflatable wheelchair that they could deflate and place in a backpack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyfskid View Post
    nice but to heavy
    20lbs for a complete suspension chair is light. but maybe not so for quads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nia adha View Post
    20lbs for a complete suspension chair is light. but maybe not so for quads.
    Totally! 20lbs for any complete chair is VERY light!

    Add a cushion and brakes (actually 'completing' the chair) and it's back up between 25-30lbs, though, depending.

    Even so, that's great a suspension chair weight.

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    My Quickie with the shock, a Stimulate Classic cushion,brakes, and spinergy's weights in at 32.9 Lbs.I say that is great with the shocks and back on it. Who uses brakes anymore?
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    Why the dual shock design instead of single? Lighter? Does a person have to sit that low for the design to work?

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    Very nice.

    I like that the foot plate and seat part of the chair are connected and only the undercarriage is separate for the suspension, unlike the marvel and icon where the foot plate is hinged against the seat part of the chair. When the suspension on the marvel and icon compress it changes the knee angle and distance between the seat and the footplate. only slightly but enough for your feet to kick off the foot plate on rough ground.

    Don't like the dual suspension though, as they wear differently or go out of tolerance you'll have an uneven bounce, unlike just using one shock like the marvel and icon. Fine when it's new.. but after a few years bouncing!

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