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Thread: To KT or not

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    To KT or not

    My OT wants me to do KT. I am not thrilled about doing KT. I am nine going on ten post, but I know that isn't a reason not to do KT.

    My goal is to go from primarily using my wheelchair 85% of the time to using my wheelchair 60% of the time. I want to be able to go out to the mailbox and walk back with my crutches and braces and not be afraid of falling.

    Does anyone have any advice about KT? I was told it is usually done in groups, but because of my functional limitations and special needs that it was going to be done one on one...

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    KT as in kinesotherapy? It is pretty much the same as physical therapy. In the USA, virtually all KTs work in the VA system. Do you get your care there? KT can be provided individually or in groups. It just depends upon the facility or practice you are using. Not sure why you are opposed to getting more therapy when it is advised, esp. if your goals are to increase your ambulation skills.


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    I get my care there.

    I am not too opposed to it. I just wanted to get opinions of folks who have been through KT.

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