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Thread: Dr. Huang's OEG Treatment and Results and Statistics of SCI patients

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    Dr. Huang's OEG Treatment and Results and Statistics of SCI patients

    Dear Dr. Young and/or other CareCure folks,

    I've been a C5 SCI patient for about 8 years now and I'm writing you from Turkey. I've been
    considering to undergo Dr. Huang's OEG operation. I found a lot of information about it here at CareCure but there are tons of posts and I feel lost. I'll shortly ask you a few questions. I'd be very much appreciated if you clear my mind with your answers.

    Q1.) Considering there may be other possible treatments in the near future, if/when one SCI
    patient undergoes this operation, will it affect another future operation? I mean doctors will be operating on the same area again, say for a stem cell treatment and what will happen?

    Q2.) Where can I find the results and statistics of the earlier SCI patients you treated? Is it available on the internet? Or can someone email it to me? Or give me the link if it is here at CareCure?

    Q3.) I want to email my MRI scans to Dr. Huang but I don't think a normal scanning at a
    normal scanner will be clear enough. Can anybody give me some idea about this?

    Thank you very much.

    Ali Karabulut

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    Hello Ali, Welcome to CC,

    I'll take the easy part of Q2. do a search using boeg04 and boeg03

    This will bring up the folks that have been to Beijing for OEG in the past.

    Q3. If you can get your MRI's on CD that would be best.

    However my radiologist scanned mine in tif format and I put them online and Dr. Huang was able to make a determination.

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    Do you know how your radiologist scanned your MRIs, with a normal scanner? Thanks...


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    Leo has answered your second two questions and so I will focus on your first. In theory, OEG transplants, at least as carried out by Dr. Huang, should not prevent further treatments. However, in practice, I suspect that you may not be eligible for clinical trials that will likely be seeking patient who had not received any treatments from before.


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    Ali Selam,
    I will send you some statistcis regarding Dr. Huangs treatment to your e-mail account which I believe you already have.

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    Mka please send me some statistics too .

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    Information about past patients of Dr. Huang as well as clinical trial results can be found in this topic.

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