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    Hi all. I'm new to this site and forum so I though I'd introduce myself. Tara here 39 from B.C. injured in August of 2011. So I've made it through my first year relatively okay considering. I'm the mother of 2 amazing girls and blessed that I still get to see them grow up. They defiantly keep me going and are my inspiration.

    I injured myself diving into the ocean and have a c4 injury. Hoping to get some good information and answer to any questions I have. Thanks for reading and have an amazing weekend.


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    Hello Tara and welcome to the boards. On this forum, you don't have to be shy as you can ask anything, Any problems or questions you have, someone here will be able to answer mostly from experience.

    Good luck in your rehab and children chasing.

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    TaraB: Welcome I am just a little over a year post, finding this site really helped me we live in remote area & on a reservation to boot so lets just say we do not typically get the best Doctors at our clinic the vast amounts of "been there done that" by the great people, Dr.s & nurse here answered my questions & concerns

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    Welcome, Tara. You'll find lots of support and answers here. Best wishes with your rehab and in all that you do!

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    to the Care Cure Community. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

    All the best,

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    x2 on the advice and support. A quick look around will convince you that you can ask/talk about literally *anything* here. Who else would understand the humour in this ( ) discussion on the pleasures of pooping?
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    Hello! I'm 38, c5, have 2 great kids and was also injured in a diving injury. Please ask away here or an IM and I'd love to help. Good luck and we look forward to "seeing" you here.

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    Thanks for the warm welcome! Again it's great to find this community, though I with we'd all never have to have come here of course.

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