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Thread: which flooring to choose?

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    which flooring to choose?

    It looks like I am going to be able to have a home built. Yay! One of the questions I have is which flooring material to choose for the majority of the house. I do not have a disability, but my son uses a wheelchair. I also have dogs. Some of the options that have been discussed are:

    1. stained concrete: durable, but can crack. Needs resealing. Hard on my legs (standing and walking on it). I've only seen it in a few homes, but in every case, it was ugly.

    2. vinyl planks: not nearly as durable, so will need replacing, which would be a pain. Easier to walk on. Can scratch and dent. Better looking than vinyl used to be.

    3. ceramic tile: durable, but hard standing and walking on it. Attractive. Grout cleaning ... ugh!

    Any thoughts?

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    I have tile throughout my downstairs. Just spent 3 days cleaning and resealing the grout! We did the stained concrete in my son's house and LOVE IT! If I could do it over again, I would do the stained concrete. He has an older home, one story, with a concrete slab. Yes, it does have some cracks and dings in the floor, but it just adds to the overall character. He chose a charcoal gray as his home is very contemporary with lots of modern art. The floor has a semi-matt finish and the imperfections give it an "edginess" that he really likes. At one time we had hardwood floors in our home and the upkeep was horrendous! If you get a chance, Google "Liquid Dazzle". In my next life, that's what I'm going for!!

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    Ceramic tile is great. And you can get larger sizes like 20” x 20” in some beautiful patterns and colors. If you don’t like grout then consider tile that has almost no spacing. These tiles fit against each other with only about an eighth inch between. I think some are closer than that. Tile is very good for the “wet” areas, but I consider it a little boring to have everywhere. So try both tile and hardwood together.

    An engineered hardwood floor is especially good to stand or walk on if you float it. The floor is actually installed over a layer of foam so it absorbs a lot of the impact of walking—much easier on the ankles, knees, and feet. Plus with the right combination of wood and tile, I think you’ll agree, it’s anything but boring. As an added bonus, a floating floor can be easily replaced in the future.

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    I have wood flooring in several rooms which is very attractive and easy to maintain. Also, it's easy to roll on. My son just put in a laminate type floor which also is great looking and easier on a budget. Tile works better in bathroom/ kitchen applications, my opinion.

    Good luck.
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    I have wood. I am very pleased. My roombo cleans well on the wood and I roll well on the wood. 2 great combinations. Love it.
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    Wood, engineered planks loosk like plywood planks, or traditional wood flooring. Rolls and feels great.
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    Wood. Or there is wood laminate, that looks like wood, but is cheaper.

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    Twenty-two years ago, we had pre-finished, engineered hardwood floors installed in the hallways, family room and kitchen of the home we purchased. In June 2012, we had the floors refinished. We had to move all the furniture out of those areas to prepare for the job. And because of the layout of our home, we had to stay in a hotel for 3 nights. But the refinish is beautiful and probably good for another 20 years. I don't have dogs, but have used manual and power chairs on the floors daily.

    My neighbor has Brazilian Rosewood floors and a Golden Retriever. He had his floors refinished 10 years after installation because the dog's nails really took a toll on the finish.

    Attached are pictures of refinishing job in progress and completed.

    All the best,

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    I'm two months into a new vinyl floor. It's great in case of bed bag/leg bag catastrophes. Laminate flooring can suffer damage if you are home alone and cannot clean it up immediately.
    In the past I've used tile throughout a house I built on slab. It's probably my favorite.

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    i have pergo, tile and carpet. after 16 yrs, my wheelchair and those of friends, 3 dogs, 2 cats, kids running in and out, the only flooring that has had to be replaced is the carpet. and it needs it again. the pergo (wood laminate) and tile still look great.

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