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Thread: cyst in the spinal canal

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    cyst in the spinal canal

    Does a small dormant ricegrain size cyst or cyrinx in the spinal canal at c3 and c4 level cause vertigo ?

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    In my past experience with patients with syrinx of that size I would say no. Most people have nerve pain. But it is location, location and viewing the MRI would tell your provider more. Have you had an EMG? Do you have any other symptoms other than vertigo? Are you on any new medications?

    I would also check out other posts in this forum by typing in the word syrinx or syringomyelia.

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    I have never experienced any pain. it is located in the spinal canal at c3 and c4 level. it is not ting the vertebrae . I am told that there is no injury to the spinal cord or canal. I am not taking any medicine, but mecobalamin (meoxon plus)(b12) tabs are being taken. As i have vertigo feeling some times and spondylosis reeling most of the time, i was asked to take stugeron and asked to wear collar.I have never experienced any weakness or limbs so far.

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    If the vertigo is new that needs to be diagnosed as to the cause.


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    Quote Originally Posted by vedanth1942 View Post
    Does a small dormant ricegrain size cyst or cyrinx in the spinal canal at c3 and c4 level cause vertigo ?
    Several published papers on the subject (which I have posted before) suggest that small syrinxes that are less than 2 mm in diameter are very unlikely to be symptomatic and to expand. It is also unlikely to be the cause of your vertigo although whatever is causing your vertigo may be causing the small enlargement of your central canal.


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