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Thread: TiLite Axle sleeve size??

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    TiLite Axle sleeve size??

    Hey I just got my spacers in the mail today for the wheels on my Aero Z. So now I have to unscrew the sleeves out of the camber tubes to put them in. The sleeves have notches on each side...There wide...I only have a small wrench that is way to small. Do you guys know by chance what size wrench I should buy to fit it?

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    Buy two crescent wrenches. One to hold the sleeve and the other to hold the camber plug from twisting on the bar.

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    its the #3 part in the picture. the sides are cut but I dont know what size they are cut to.

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    The camber plug is 7/8" and the sleeve is 3/4" on my TR. I'm sure they're the same.

    Note: you should use two wrenches, when removing/adjusting the sleeve. One on the plug and one on the sleeve to prevent damaging the camber tube.

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    Thanks ala!!

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