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    Mentally Tired

    I am stressed out here where im living at.. It's only 4 turns, honestly... I put my main goal on hold. I only have 3 - 4 semesters left, if I do summer less. My personality is not built for here.. I have the finances to move but I want to make a proper move... I been had california on my mind quite a while, years.. I need culture lots of it, diversity and it's nothing of that here. No damn diversity, no sun-humid.. I need something everyday to choose from when im done with school and sci.. This sci shit is boring and a mental game that don't stop... Im sick of sci and you fools vote for the fool that don't give a damn about us...

    No concerts, clubs, bars, parties, blah blah.. yes im rambling... this sci GOTTA BE A BAD DREAM CAUSE THIS IS NOT MY LIFE.. YOU GOTTA PAY TO SHIT, PAY TO PISS, PAY PAY PAY..

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    Haven't seen you on here for awhile. I'd start with what you want to get your degree in and then check out which schools offer it. Then check out the benefits you need versus what those states will give you. We just retired to a major university town and love the bennies of a symphony, great movies, theater, arts and just about every ethnic restaurant you can think of and concerts plus festivals.
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    Hello MP,

    I am not sure what culture you have in mind but a few of places come to mind. LSU, Florida State, Univ of Florida and for extreme culture diversity, Miami University. If you want less humidity, check out Arizona or UNLV. If this still doesn't look appealing, try Boston College or... I don't this is helping much, is it? Personally, I like the area you live in,"The crawfish capital of the world!" would be good for me but I am considerably older than you.

    Good luck man with you choice and I hope it works out for you.
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    How are you doing??
    Thanks for the advice

    I am putting thing together now.. I am going with California or Nevada and if nevada it will be Las Vegas..
    It's nothing here for a person in a chair.

    Thanks Millard you were on target..
    I like cali alot..

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    Are they're lot's of chair stuff in cali?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MADPRODUCER View Post
    Are they're lot's of chair stuff in cali?
    California is expensive and crowded.

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    Las Vegas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MADPRODUCER View Post
    Are they're lot's of chair stuff in cali?
    I suppose it depends what you are looking for. Southern Cal is pretty flat in major metro areas, has lots of people and dry weather.
    I have had periodic paralysis all my life. I lost my ability to walk in 2011 beginning with a spinal block, which was used for a hip fracture caused by periodic paralysis.

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    Sacramento is awesome. Cali is very exspensive and Vegas is for visiting only. Az is nice. Get your papers. Finishing school should be the only thing you concentrate on. The rest will be gravy if you have security.

    BTW, suck it up! This shit gets to all of us, stress, depression anxiety, and yes, Washington gives a shit. Fucking us with cost of living again this year. Make your own way if you can. Some day, we may be on our own. Good luck.

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