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Thread: Nedim at Beijing

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    Nedim at Beijing

    I am an incomlete L1 with walking capability using walker. I am in Beijing now for OEG transplantation.
    My surgery will be done in the next week. I am expected to have the surgery in Chaoyang hospital and then transferred to the new hospital for post surgery care.
    I hope to report my progress after surgery on a regular basis. I think I can post the news about my status upon I go back to my home since I will have better access to internet at home.


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    Nedim, Hope all goes well and thanks for posting. My friend Steve G, is there say hi from me.

    "All you have to decide is what to do with the time that is given you."
    Gandolf the Gray

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    Good luck Nedim. Thanks for posting and hope you get back lots of return...

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    Dear Leo,
    I could not meet Steve, he had the surgery on the day I arrive at Beijing. And all the patients who had the surgery are in the new hospital now. I and Lawrance are in the hotel now and we will have the surgery next week an then we will be taken the new hospital. I hope to meet Steve there and will say Hello for you.

    Dear Westcoast_gc,
    Thank you for your wishes. I will try to provide my status news as much as I can.

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    Good luck Nedim, I know several people in Turkey that are interested in getting the OEG transplantation, and you would pioneer the way for them.

    Gecmis olsun.


    fight to the end

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    Good luck with your operation. I will follow your progress from Ankara - Turkiye. As Altan Abi said you will be our pioneer.

    Simdiden Cok Gecmis Olsun.

    M.Koray Abaci

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    I had the surgery on November 1st. 1 Million cells has been injected above the injury level. Just after the surgery and the day after my legs below the knee level became warmer than they did before. I did not begin the exersizes yet, however I feel that power of my right knee slightly improved.
    I am supposed to have acupunture as well during my stay in this hospital.


    Iyi dilekleriniz icin icten tesekkurler. Turkiye'den ilk kisi olarak gozlem ve deneyimlerimi mumkun oldugunca camiamiza aktarmak istiyorum. Saniyorum Istanbul'a donusumde bu konuda daha aktif olabilecegim. Herkese acil sifalar diliyorum.


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    Hi Nedim

    I am a L1 burst fracture and I function as a L3 - L5, I know you are busy with your rehab but when you get a moment let me know your functioning level. I am watching your progress closely as it could be an indicator for several injuries like ours.



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    Thank you Nedim. Be sure to post as many updates as possible.

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    Hi Nedim,

    Hope you continue to have improvement!

    A few days ago, a father of someone scheduled for OEG surgery posted concern about the move of Dr. Huang's staff to another location.

    We have kept in touch with a young lady who was a student nurse when Matt had his surgery. She has since graduated with a BSN from the Medical University in Beijing and has joined Dr. Huang's staff. Her American name is "Angela," and she is very fluent in English.

    She wrote that the new hospital is in the suburbs, far from Chaoyang, and the new surroundings are much nicer. She said that the new hospital is very tidy and quiet and the air is fresh. "We can find many stars in the sky at night and hear the birds singing."

    I hope her message allays some of the anxiety of those scheduled for surgery in the future. Nedim, it appears that you have the good fortune of not having to listen to construction cranes knocking down the building next door to the Neuro unit at Chaoyang on a 24 hour/ 7 day a week schedule.

    Anyone needing to get in touch with Dr. Huang might try this address that Angela sent:

    Neurological Disorder Center
    of West Hill Hospital
    Shijingshan District
    Beijing 100041 China.

    Office telephone & fax number 008610 51625950

    We thank God for Dr. Huang, Dr. "John," and Angela, for advancing "bench to bedside" and for their gracious hospitality in offering procedures not available in the USA to sci patients. We are also hoping & praying for good things to happen in California with the passage of Prop 71. If not, maybe we will go back to Beijing when Dr. Huang makes more new breakthroughs in human clinical trials... He is a brilliant humanitarian who appears to see people of all nationalities as part of a global village.

    A vision clearly lacking in the current occupant of the Oval Office. oops, my disappointment from last Tuesday seems to have gone online.

    I remind myself that Adolph Hitler was initally popular with many people in Germany. But eventually the entire world deplored his misuse of power, genocide, bombing raids, and disdain for "less-than-perfect" individuals with disabilities.

    Whether or not based on fact, the scene of the uniformed Nazis pushing the guy in the wheelchair off the balcony in the movie, The Pianist, broke my heart. Perhaps it is a giant leap in logic to suggest that a leader of a supposedly "free" country asking the UN to globally ban therapeutic somatic nuclear transfer also shows disdain for the people with disabilities.

    A few of my "heros of faith" had the courage to be active in the Nazi Resistance. Some were so outspoken they wound up in concentration camps &/or were executed. To anyone inclined to ponder inspirational books from that time period, I would suggest The Cost of Discipleship by Deitrich Bonhoeffer (who was executed) and Valley of the Shadow, written by concentration camp survivor and Protestant Bishop, Dr. Hans Lilje, (who was my mother's cousin's father-in-law and my role-model/ convenient excuse for outspokenness.

    At times, I have thought of my son as being in prison, trapped in a body that is unable to move. Dr. Wise Young's optimism, folks posting to CareCure, Chrisopher Reeve's advocacy and determination, and Dr. Lilje's testimony of hope during his imprisonment in a Nazi concentration camp have helped me tremendously to hold onto the one thing I believe sci patients and their families need most: hope

    Nedim, forgive my digression to politics. I do sincerely hope you derive great benefit from the OEG procedure!


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