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Thread: Equipment for winter weather? Snowy slopes :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear_on_wheels View Post
    Oh it's nothing really :/ ! I just remembered that last time it snowed, lots of local people used the lids of our council supplied recycling boxes as sleds.
    I think they're about the right size and shape to fit the castor wheels into, and so form a sort of ski on the front.

    Might be possible to then sled down the slope, though unsure if steering would be possible :/ !

    I know someone said caster skis do exist but don't work. But Im thinking maybe a box lid would work cos it'd be quite a bit bigger than skis? Just one big platform sorta thing.

    (If I was well enough I'd search for some willing design students or DIY guy and ask them to help make something. But most days I've not enough energy to even eat enough or fix my chair brakes, so just gotta do what I can with what I have.)
    I gotcha, maybe some of those thin plastic bowls that Glad makes could be an easy/inexpensive option.


    Depending on the size casters, you could place a single caster in each one and maybe cut a slit/opening in the lid to prevent snow from filling the bowl. I have no clue if this would even work, but it might be worth a try.

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    From previous discussion on this forum:

    Cool, looks like the styles posted in that thread could use some redesigning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear_on_wheels View Post
    Hi ''Lazierdog'', thanks for posting

    Where did you get them from? And what size chair wheel are they for?

    Been looking for a pair like that!
    But I couldn't find them in 24 or 25 inch.

    Hope they're not too expensive. <Nod to ''European Woman'' >....Tell me about it! Over 50 quid £ for a pair of Marathon Evo Plus! I never spent that kind of money for mountain bike tyres!

    Re-bike stuff being cheaper
    . I often think..... ''I must find a way to get as many bike size parts on my chair as possible! I'm sick of being ripped off for wheelchair stuff!''
    The rims are from my old chair, which are 25", 559. Most mountain bike tires, 26"x1.0"-2.125", will fit. Trust me, these wheel size designations can be confusing. Just go to Walmart, Target or your local sporting goods store and pick up a set of mountain bike tires. Worst case if they don't fit, which I doubt, or you don't like them, you can always return them.

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    Ooops, I just saw that you're in the U.K. I'm sure there are plenty of other places that sell mountain bike tires, although I can't be certain that a 26" over there is the same size as over here.

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    To Destination Unknown - Ah, you know how to post pics. I've yet to find the spare energy to learn that. (Neuro disease does learning new things slower and harder than it used to be).

    Thank you for posting the pic. Yes that's sort of what I was thinking of. Our recycling box lids are much bigger though and with a bigger lip (deeper lid).
    I think both would have their problems, but you can learn from mistakes too. So long as I don't go crashing into the brick wall at the bottom of the slope where I live it's ok!

    I'm not sure what you mean by cutting a hole in the lid to let snow escape though? I thought you would put each caster wheel in the box (when using the boxes in your pic)? And discard the lid....?

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    Lazier Dog - Thanks too for your reply Yes, tyre sizing is really confusing. Isn't there a new code for tyre sizes, ERTO that is supposed to sort that all out?

    I didn't know some mountain bike tyres could fit some 25 inch wheels, that's fantastic news! Things made for cyclists are almost always much cheaper than wheelchair stuff.

    By the way, I see a lot of people adding a short number after they quote their tyre size, e.g you posted 25" then 559.
    Where did you find this no. and what does it mean pls?

    Re-UK shops. I don't think we have exact equivalents to Walmart, perhaps Tescos Superstores?
    I think Halfords would be best for tyres though. Halfords are a big chain store selling cheap/ish cycle and auto supplies.
    Maplins is good for basic wheelchair tools i,e allen keys, and spanners. They also do cheap bike lights. I don't mount them on my chair, I just clip them onto clothing, so I can't say if the mounting kits fit wheelchair backrest bar or front of frame. But then, not all chairs are made with same size tubing anyway.
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    Here is the website showing you the many rim/tire sizes available.

    Basically, the 559 is the bead diameter in millimeters. You'll see that number on the sidewalls of some wheelchair tires like primos and schwalbe. They're on the order forms for wheelchairs as well. I've seen them listed as 25" on certain websites too. Why wheelchair manufacturers use something different, albeit correctly, than mountain bike tires is beyond me.

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    P,S So, the ideas so far, for navigating snow, in a manual chair are:

    Cheap + home made/experimental
    1) Try and make your own ski attachment from plastic tubs or the lids of them.
    Caution - This is untested and probably way dodgy. But if you like to/need to make your own, well, you have to start somewhere. Test on the flat first.

    2) Plastic ''tyre chains''Use plastic cable ties to add traction to your back wheels. It's a sort of basic tyre chain. Used by Eu cyclists.

    3) Get some real, metal chain and copy car tyre chain designs to make some for you chair. Remember to use smaller diameter chains due to your tyres being thinner than car tyres.

    There's a youtube video (no audio) showing a guy who 'invented' wheelchair tyre chains. Mike Belozar. It's from 2005.
    Note his lighter weight design. Instead of using chains all the way around, he uses some sort of cord. So they may be better than shop bought w chair chains due to being lighter.
    Seems that he doesn't sell them though. Not now anyway.


    Moderate cost options-Buy ready made stuff
    1) Buy ready made wheelchair tyre chains
    US based, Ship to Europe. 50$ per pair = £31, but prob. nearer £50 with shipping costs.

    2) Buy knobby tyres, wider is better? Find out your ERTO numbers/code and see if you can find what you need in a cycle store.They're almost always cheaper than wheelchair shops.
    Some 26'' mountain bike tyres can fit some 25'' w chair wheels. Ask what is possible for your wheels before assuming you can only fit stuff from expensive wheelchair shops.

    High Cost Options - Buy top end designed for chairs stuff

    1) Buy a freewheel - a medium sized version of your back wheel, that attaches to the front. It takes the load off your castor wheels.
    £360 from Spokz

    2) Buy Ski attachments - Various designs and prices
    a) Wheelblades by Patrick Mayer. Cost abt £150 a pair.

    They look very well designed, quality materials and manufacture. Over 2yr warranty. Easy and quick to fit. Adjustable for different wheel sizes. Check out web site for limitations - max wheel sizes, max speed when in use, max depth of snow. Manufacturer appears to be honest and upfront about disclosing the limits which is a good sign imho.

    b) Colours wheelchair co. reportedly make a ski attachment.

    c) Jake at Reactive Adaptations reportedly made his own. But I cannot find any mention of it being for sale on his web site.


    My Conclusion-

    The freewheel does appear to be the best allrounder, i.e for a variety of conditions. There are many types of snow after all. It can also be used for off road all year round. But it is also the most expensive, and beyond the means of many of us.

    Wheelblades may be best for some snow conditions, e.g on ski slopes, and are less than half the price of the Freewheel.

    Perhaps the best we can do if we cannot afford freewheel or ski attachments is make our own or ask a local handyman to make us one cheaply.

    Of course it's unlikely to be as good as the ones you can buy. But it may still be a lot better than nothing at all.

    P.S ''European Woman'' <name of forum member, helped us with her reports that when salt is added to snow, the snow becomes like glue, and get's stuck in the gaps on knobby tyres. Thus they become almost like completely smooth tyres which lack grip :/

    Also remember that there are many types of snow. And that even the same type of snow, will react differently, if it's been packed down by previous use (i.e people walking/driving over it before you).

    So, some advice may not apply to the snow that you travel over/through.

    Please post your reports on how your chair /mods have faired in which types of snow. e.g shallow or deep? Dry and tends to fall apart or wetter and sticks together in balls easily.
    Packed down by people already walking/driving over it a lot, or still unpacked and looser?
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    Hate those spammers Suggestion-Allow some older trusted members the power to delete spam on sight? (i wud happily do the job but new here so understand that it'd be more appropriate to offer to older, trusted members 1st)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bear_on_wheels View Post
    Hate those spammers Suggestion-Allow some older trusted members the power to delete spam on sight? (i wud happily do the job but new here so understand that it'd be more appropriate to offer to older, trusted members 1st)
    They're called moderators. We have them already.


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    Blimey, sorry KLD

    But there would be (for me) something incredibly satisfying about being able to hit a button and wipe out those bloomin posts on sight! Now I'm disabled, I particularly dislike not being able to do things for myself.

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