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Thread: How much oxycodone does it take

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    How much oxycodone does it take

    How much oxycodone taken how often before I would have to withdrawl if I stopped... Occassionally I take a 5 mg to help me sleep because of hip and neck pain. Lately I have been taking a 5mg every other night. I have had all the tests and options done for the S.I. joint and the shot doesn't help much. Now I'm getting shoulder and neck pain added in when I sleep (or try to sleep). There's also the neuro pain, but I know the oxy doesn't help that. I take an extra lyrica when that is worse. Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between the mechanical pain (what's it really called?) and the neuropain.

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    It is unlikely that you are going to have withdrawal symptoms if you only take 5 mg every other day. One way to find out is to stop... see if you start yawning, feel like you have the flu, and have increased pain or 'chemical urge' to take some oxycodone. If you do, take some and see if all those symptoms go away. Then you will will know !

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    Thanks, I guess that's the obvious, but I can get weird about it because my mom who had sci died of an overdose.

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    darlagee - I am sorry about your mom. She had SCI and died of an opiate overdose. She must have been in a lot of pain too. Ironic that you both have SCI, life can be so non random sometimes. I look in the mirror sometimes and see a hunched over figure with a ostomy and I look just like my dad did when he was in his 80's with his colostomy.
    It has to be more than coincidence. Was your mom suffering from neuropathic pain?

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    arndog- Yes she did although I was too young to really understand at the time. It was in the 60's and all they knew to give her was phenobarbitol (barbituate) to sleep and valium to relax.
    (my husband says I prove the theory that sci is hereditary funny, but not)

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    I have been taking two 10/325 oxycodone a day for the past six months. Somedays just one and somedays none. I have gone for a week with no withdrawals at all. I was at one time taking 4 ea. a day then stopped for two months and had no withdrawals. I also use a Fentynal patch 50 mg. Which is why no withdraws.

    I also take 4 ea. Ibuprofen a day. Usually in the evening to relax my muscles for a better sleep.

    Good luck with the pain
    Gary Is = L-1 Para for 34 years.....................

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    i hardly have any withdrawal symptoms when i run out of percs 10/325. been taking them about 5 yrs. 3 or 4 a day.

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