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Thread: Rolling Resistance + chair design

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    Here's there support page from their web site. Might call and see if someone can walk you through the toe adjustment.

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    If you're trying to tune your chair to roll easy there are a number of things to do. Some or all of the following should help:

    Run hard casters (larger diameter will roll on soft surfaces better)
    use narrow main tires and keep them fully inflated
    move your CG back to keep your weight over the main wheels
    ensure your caster fork stems are perpendicular to the floor
    align your rear wheels according to the following:

    if you have zero camber, toe should be zero as well (a small toe in will improve straight line stability at the expense of rolling resistance)

    if you have negative camber (wheels tilted in at the top), a small toe out (wheels wider at the front) should be used.

    toe angles are extremely important on cambered wheels and very small changes will have large influence over handling and rolling resistance.

    Don't waste your money on exotic bearings, just keep the ones you have clean and properly adjusted. replace them if they get "notchy".

    Keep all the fasteners on your chair properly tightened. A flexing frame can soak up a lot of pushing effort.

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