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Thread: Dr. Wise, What is 4-aminopyridine?

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    Dr. Wise, What is 4-aminopyridine?

    Hello all. I've been visiting this site almost daily since May 1, when a good friend of mine suffered a sci. What a wonderful source of information and hope.

    Dr. Wise, I'm sure you've answered this before, but what exactly is 4-aminopyridine? What does it do? How does it work? To whom is it usually prescribed? When should a patient be asking for it?

    Thank you, Elizabeth

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    As this subject as been discussed numerous times over many years I would first suggest you try the "Find" function and search for "4-AP" or "Fampridine".

    Btw, 4-AP is a drug currently in Phase III clinical trial. It is a potassium channel blocker currently used by sci patients and ms patients through a compounded formula. Generally it enhances sensation and potentially function such as bowel/bladder improvement. It's not for everyone and you should consult with a physiatrist or physician before trying it.

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    coxon, chris says it very succinctly. This is a drug that should improve the conduction of demyelinated axons and also increase the amount of neurotransmitter that is released with each impulse that gets across. Probably about 20,000 people in the United States are taking this drug, obtained by prescription from compounding pharmacies. Previous experience suggests that perhaps about a third of people with spinal cord injury and a higher percentage of people with multiple sclerosis get some motor, sensory, and spasticity improvement from the drug. Wise.

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    Hi Coxon,

    Go to this topic and click the link entitled "4AP: All You Need To Know."

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    Do a search for "4ap" and you will get everything that has been posted here in the past.The drug compound has been around for years and many members have tried it and posted their experiences.

    Good luck.


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    To those of you who have tried 4AP: How did you get your doctor to write a script? My family doctor won't even listen to me about it.

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    Hi Saorsa,

    Many people on this forum get there 4-AP from this compounding pharmacy:

    Pete Hueseman, R.Ph., P.D.
    College Pharmacy
    1-800-888-9358 Ext.116

    Here is another good thread for you to dig deeper.

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    Is there anyone in Canada who has tried 4-ap from the College Pharmacy?

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    I guess I've got the same question as Saorsa. I talked to my SCI doc about getting a prescription for 4-ap and she told me that it was in trials and Tampa General Hospital isn't participating in the trials so she couldn't write me a prescription. I couldn't talk her into it. So, what do you say to a doctor to get a prescription? Mike

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    MikeC, all the trials have ended. Even while the trials were going on, doctors could write a prescription for 4-aminopyridine to be made up by compounding pharmacies. Wise.

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