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Thread: Do you believe in Patrick Rummerfield's recovery?

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    Do you believe in Patrick Rummerfield's recovery?

    He is a quad, now 60 yrs old, who was injured in his early 20's drinking and driving. Even though his spinal cord was 85% decimated, he was able to walk again. He says its because of activity based restorative therapy...which he did for a solid 3 yrs after getting hurt.

    Am I jealous? A little. I would just like to know everyone's opinion on this. A lot of SCIers think its hooey.

    Here's my blog about him, plus a video showing him working in his new job as a patient liason at the Krieger rehab center (interacting with newbies):
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    Great article T!
    I met him this summer at our Open House, gave a great talk. He's a badass!

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    He was injured 35+ years ago, way back then there wasn't the technology to determine the amount of cord damage, it was a case of wait and see.

    So I'm calling hooey!

    He worked very hard with good return so good for him and his good luck.

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    I met Patrick at the Open House this Summer and didn't know exactly what to make of the underlying disability and his recovery. In my mind he has a very severe injury and somehow ended up with a lot of return. I have no idea how much the therapy did for him. I don't think it hurt anything and it can't be debated that it didn't help him accomplish everything he pursued in his very adventurous life to date. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his story and meeting him. The one thing I can say for sure is that he chose to not let his disability stop him from taking on any of life's adventures and there's not more you can do to overcome your disability than that.

    I also stopped by and met Jim too, during the tour at the Open House, and he seems like a very nice person.

    Visiting the Open House was one of my favorite experiences of the Summer of 2012. I was very impressed by Dr. Young's team and the efforts they go to to try and improve our plights.
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    pats a really good dude him and doc mcdonald were at the rehabilitation center of stlouis when i did my rehab thats how i met him he always had time for ya i know he worked hard to get were he is i still keep in touch with him hes definitley bad ass dude
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    I first talked with Pat soon after I came home from the hospital in 2004, he had the only recovery I could sees that wasn't a scam. I set out to try it for myself, it took a few years to get where I am today but it's been worth it.

    I've tried various degrees of medication, and therapies but in the end I set on trying to do the things I did prior with modifications. I, like Pat have seem to come ahead. I didn't try unproven therapies in some foreign country without regulation or credentials. It was the only thing I could see and touch that wasn't going to cost me any thing to try, I just had to convince therapist that had little to no SCI experience to help me.

    I finely got to meet him at the summer open house, and seen what a "badass" he really is, I'm currently trying to achieve a bit more now that I've met him, as long as I don't catch fire doing it.

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    The MRI (I believe it's MRI, if not then its another kind of imaging) shows that 85% of his spinal cord IS missing at the site of his injury. Whatever it was, something has allowed him to recover from his injury.

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    Dr. Young has often said we only need 10% of or cord to completely recover.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Dr. Young has often said we only need 10% of or cord to completely recover.
    But, what 10%?

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    I love that he did active based therapy for 3yrs straight! You must be active in orderto make a change. There are many centers around the US that provide this activity
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