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Thread: Able to Install a new Floor myself?

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    Yup, Jay Protector.

    My wife and I had a house built. The builder installed everything but places where there was to be carpeting--1350 sq ft of it. All the other areas were tile. I strapped on my Protector, and with a little help from my wife, put down floating engineered hardwood.

    You think it might be hard laying that snap-together stuff? Ha! I put down the glue together kind. It took weeks--like a giant glue-together puzzle. I had glue everywhere--skin, cloths, hair, wads of arm hair stuck together. I even glued my ass to the floor a couple of times.

    Get down on the floor with the tools you need and you can do it. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so cheap. It would have been a pleasure to use the click/snap flooring. (I see you want marmoleum.)

    On a side note: I also installed some solid tongue and groove stuff in a 400+ sq ft family room using a porta-nailer, right from my wheelchair. I just used a couple of my kids to help--in rotation of course. The lazy little slugs couldn't keep up with me. (Just kidding about the "slug" part.)

    Floors: You can do it. Just be patient, take your time, and rest every now and then
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    I did my floor. ripped carpet and underlayment out and installed bamboo. I rolled around on my creeper sitting cross legged and pushed myself around.

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    I've also done flooring work. Some projects don't work for me to do from the chair. I did some floating flooring and needed to be on the floor. I used a blanket to sit/lay on to protect my skin.

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    Thank you for all the ideas and encouragement.
    The Jay Protector would help a lot.
    I have an old creeper I can try.
    Definitely encouraging to hear stories of doing difficult jobs yourself.
    But, I also heard that it might be better to save myself the trouble and get someone else to do it!

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