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Thread: Scar Tissue: Need ideas for breaking it up

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    Thanks for the ideas!

    SCI-Nurse - we have been able to eliminate the pressure when he is sitting, so that is not so much our problem. The problem is that he likes to lay on his back at night time. Our bed has always been really good as far as not causing pressure, but because this area is getting harder and it sticks out, he is beginning to get pressure. He has now been sleeping on his side, but he misses being on his back. I've thought about talking to the surgeon again, but we don't really want to have to do surgery on his backside again. You are right that this was a large skin flap. The thing is, the surgery was 3 years ago and he is just now having problems. Also, it was only skin that was muscle.

    Macska - we are trying ultrasound now.

    lynnifer - I will look into that!

    Does anyone know about an injection that helps eliminate scar tissue? I've seen some discussion on this forum about "DMSO/Human Decorin combination", but I have no idea what this is or anything about it.

    What about using an estim (electrical stimulation) or using magnets? Anyone have experience trying any of these?


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    Electrical stimulation helps with wounds ... not sure about scar tissue. I think magnets are a waste of time. No data on lasers that I know of ... just an idea that popped into my head. I'm not sure how they seem to work for burn patients but it's not a cure either.

    I was in a clinical trial for ES but had to leave for unrelated complicaions. Dr Pamela Houghton from the University of Western Ontario ran it and reported improved healing.

    Does he sleep on any sort of medical mattress?
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    It is hard to return to the surgeon for consultation but his/her opinion is invaluable. I will check another forum on use of ultrasound for scar tissue reduction.


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    No, he does not sleep on a medical mattress. We have been really fortunate that our pillowtop mattress doesn't cause pressure. I can leave him on his hip (and before the protruding scar tissue, also his back) for 12-14 hours without turning him and not a single sign of pink from pressure! And believe me, we know all about pressure and wounds.

    We've tried one form of electric stimulation for a wound, but not for scar tissue.

    As far as the surgeon, we actually know him really it won't be a problem getting in touch with him. We just are really hoping to find some alternative options before looking into surgery.

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