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Thread: Controlling iPhone with external button

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    Controlling iPhone with external button

    I use an iPhone for my everyday phone needs. In the last year, I got in the routine of using my phone to call for help from I roommate at night if needed (for leg spasms, etc.). My mobility when laying down is limited enough that I cannot press buttons on the phone when I'm in bed. Instead, I use a big red button that connects to another device that talks to the phone by Bluetooth. At the moment I can't recall the name of the Bluetooth device, but it is designed for hands-free conversations while in the car.

    Ideally, the hands-free device could be used to do voice dialing, but it seems that Siri on the iPhone does not recognize anything from the hands-free microphone; maybe its microphone isn't as high quality as on the phone? Instead, all I can do is redial the last person that I placed a call to (double tapping the button does this automatically). It would be nice to be able to call whoever I want.

    Is anyone aware of how I might be able to interface with my iPhone using the type of button that I have? I have tried plugging in the button jack into the iPhone, but it doesn't do anything.

    As a reference, this is the button that I have. I think the jack is a 1/8" connector.

    I am a C4/5 quadriplegic and typically sleep laying on my back.

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    There are 'medical alarm devices' which you can purchase for communicate plus auto dialling of 911 if required.
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    This is not really what you asked for, but have you considered a low tech approach? Just wire a big button to a doorbell (one that sounds different from your front door)

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    I was looking through the info on the big red button's web site, and I'm more confused than ever. But I was going to say that my bluetooth works just fine with voice commands and it's a hands-free speaker phone. It's a Motorola TX500.

    If you had an electronics wiz of some type in your life, I would THINK you could hook something like the big red button up to that device, and then you could do all the siri voice stuff (Something like removing the 1/8" jack and wiring the button to replace the phone button on the speakerphone).

    Just an idea, might not work, but might get you thinking in other directions!


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    I did finally figure out with my hands-free device was: it's a Jabra SP 200. Here is its website.

    I got it during a reevaluation at Craig Hospital. They modified it in-house so they can interface with switches like my big red button. In response to IsMaisin, what I have works fine as a calling system. I can redial just fine, but I would like to be able to call anyone I want (like a caregiver who is late in the morning, etc.). No matter how close it with the speakerphone to my face, I am not able to get Siri to hear me and understand what I'm asking for.

    I tried plugging the big red button Jack directly into my iPhone, but it does nothing. Perhaps is there an adapter plug that goes from a 1/8 inch jack to the iPhone plug? Maybe that will get the signal across?

    I have also tried changing the default microphone/speaker to the iPhone when connected to the Bluetooth Jabra. I can change the speaker over for a individual call, but I have to change it after answering the call using the touch screen. I can't set a default so that no matter when I use Siri or may/answer a call, it goes to my iPhone instead of the hands-free.

    Maybe it's impossible, but any more ideas?

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