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    My doctor has me taking Metoprolol 2x day for my blood pressure. I would like info on Metoprolol and any pros and cons that you folks have had. Be my father in-law takes Metoprolol for a heart issue, not blood pressure. Thanks

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    My Dad takes metoprolol for his blood pressure.

    It is a good blood pressure medicine, and also has lots of heart benefits for people with heart problems (ex. if you have had a heart attack, or if you have atrial fibrillation). There are few side effects if any, but for some folks with asthma it might not be the best choice. My Dad has some lung issues but it hasn't caused him any problems. Usually it is tolerated really well, you don't have to follow any blood tests while you are on it because it doesn't cause problems with your kidneys or liver. I like it.

    I have heard that it might make some people tired, but usually only if they are on a high dose, and that is not a common complaint.

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    I take metoprolo for heart problems but I take only one pill that is an extended release. It does make me a little tired so I take mine at night. Other then that, no issues. Ive been on it for about 6 years.

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    Actually it's a good choice for those with asthma, of the beta blockers its one that's heart specific. I have asthma and take it for heart problems, arthymia and tachycardia. I've been taking it for 4 years now and it works great still, just have needed increased dosage over time from my condition getting worse. I take the extended release which I prefer, on the instant release I would develop symptoms before the next dose kicked in.
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    A widely used and fairly safe drug with multiple uses. I take it for hypertension.


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