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Thread: Robbie went to Homecoming

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    Awesome! Such a good thing to see positive posts!
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    great pics, looks like everyone had fun
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    Look how cute they all look, thanks for the pics.
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    Awww....what great news! He certainly deserved to have a good time like all the other kids.... and his date is adorable. I'm SO glad to hear it went well!

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    What a handsome young man, and such beautiful girls! So glad you shared this!

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    The fun weekend continues...I texted Rob and said "where are you, its time for dinner" he responded with this pic. I guess he is at the Richmond Folk Festival! Thank goodness we are rid of the wound vac and pic line coming out this week.

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    Oh Sharon, the joy in his and the musician's faces...too beautiful for words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bonnette View Post
    Oh Sharon, the joy in his and the musician's faces...too beautiful for words.

    I know! Isnt it wonderful...I just had to share that

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    He is clearly too busy for his mother. I am so glad that smile is back and the wound vac is gone. I wish I was young enough to wear purple converse again. They didn't have purple when I was in high school.

    This thread made my day.
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    Just awesome! We really liked the pic of Robbie and his date. I think he is going to be late for dinner more as he makes up the time spent healing his wound hehe

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