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Thread: Robbie went to Homecoming

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    Robbie went to Homecoming

    I promised I would share a pic of Rob from Homecoming, its not the greatest but you can see his smile (before his sister fixed the tie). He had a great night, lots of friends over, I handed over the keys, they all piled in my car and off they went...everyone arrived back home safely around midnight.

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    and here is a pic of me, my daughter Emily on the far left and her posse...

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    Cute picture ! Glad he had himself a good time.

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    Those are great pictures of everyone!!

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    Very Nice Memories

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    Great pictures !!!!!
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    Hot date! Why not ... Robbie's a handsome young man!!!
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    When your Chucks match your tie, you are automatically in the big pimpin' style category!

    And he came home on time! Bravo, Robbie!

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    Great pictures! Thanks Sharon. What a good looking bunch of young ladies.

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    I love the purple!!!!

    Great pictures and he is soooooo handsome.
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